Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taryn & Tris

We're still here, the girls are plugging away at school, lots of homework, orchestra practice and a little bit of fun here and there. We've only skied 3 times this winter because the girls have had something going every weekend for months, it's been crazy! We're hoping to sneak in 1 more trip in a few weeks if the snow isn't all melted. We've been spoiled with wonderful spring weather the last few weeks and I think we're all loving it.

Taryn went to the Regency Ball again this weekend and had a great time with her friends, it's fun to watch her get dressed up and having fun.
And lastly, Tristen has decided she's becoming a chef and loves to incorporate a little dancing into her cooking... very entertaining. The last batch of cookies was inspired by Bruno Mars, very sweet! She's great at the cooking part.... now I just need to get her on board with the cleaning up step!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween & California

The Zombie Prom Queen & The Genie

getting ready to trick or treat with cousins!

We were lucky enough to get a trip to Disneyland courtesy of Grandma as an early Christmas present! We went to California in November with Aunt Jacklyn, cousins Jayden and Jaxon. The weather was nice and we had a really fun time although we were exhausted at the end of the trip, I can't remember ever walking so much! We spent 2 days at Disney and 1 day at Universal Studios Hollywood. Disney was all decorated for Christmas and it even snowed at the end of the fireworks show thanks to Tinkerbell. Very cool! It was a great trip, thanks Mom!

Tris, Jayden, Jacklyn, Taryn

(and some guy in the background)

Do you like Miles' mouse ears?!? : )

A little drizzly and chilly at Universal but

still a lot of fun!

Monday, October 3, 2011

That there Clark is an RV....

In Jackson Hole at Town Square

Coulter Bay with an amazing view of the Tetons

The only bear we saw on the trip....

Don King Days in Sheridan

Can you say Cousin Eddie? We have become RV owners, the last thing we thought we would ever be but turns out it's been fun! We bought our new ride in August and have been able to go out a few times before summer was over. We went to Don King Days up in Sheridan for a Steer Roping.... it's a roping, polo match, and wild bronc contest all done on the grass Polo Field with no fences. It was different than anything we've ever been to but it was beautiful up there and we enjoyed hanging out on the grass field in the perfect weather. Although Miles didn't have his best roping days ever, we had a really fun weekend and loved having our own place to stay right there.

Then last week I had to go to a conference in Jackson Hole, so Miles pulled the girls out of school for a few days and picked me up in Jackson and we went home through Yellowstone. We couldn't believe how great the weather was for the last week of August, it was gorgeous. The trip was fun although we didn't see much wildlife, lots of Buffalo and a moose. We stayed at Coulter Bay in Teton Park our first night then spent the next day seeing all of of the sights and then spent our last night at Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone. We are loving the RV, I even drove part of the way and did pretty good!

As I mentioned, the girls are back in school, Taryn started High School and Tristen started Junior High, boy do I feel old. Things are going well so far and we've all adjusted to the school routine again. The last neat thing to mention is that we had the priveledge of having the apostle Elder Russell M. Nelson come to Gillette 2 weeks ago for our Stake Conference. What an amazing opportunity to be able to have an apostle here and to hear him speak, he was great. I feel really blessed in my life!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

We're Still Here....

Welcome to Yellowstone... not!

Off for a fun day at Lagoon

With cousins Jayden and Jaxon at Lagoon

Taryn 's 15th Birthday

Taryn and her pal Lena, and her new haircut...

my favorite cowboy....

The official pic... too bad his heeler didn't catch...

It has been forever since I've made a post, I don't know if I even have a good excuse, guess it's just pure laziness. Just thought I'd do an update about our summer so far. "Summer" started out crazy, Miles and I decided to go to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on Memorial Day weekend. It seemed like a great idea and I booked us a really neat place to stay at in Jackson. So, we headed over to Cody, WY, spent the night and got up to head up through the east entrance of Yellowstone. We left Cody in beautiful weather but a half an hour later when we arrived at the entrance, we were greeted with a huge snowstorm and a foot of fresh snow on the ground. So... long story short, we didn't make it to Jackson due to the roads being closed and we ended up back in Gillette that night. Not the best trip we've ever had but we had fun anyway and I'm glad Miles and I have enjoyed the last 6 years together.

In June, the girls and I headed to Utah for Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove, and for some fun at Lagoon. We had a great time and then I returned home and left the girls in Utah to spend some time at their Dads. They were gone for almost a month and we missed them a ton, life was very boring at home with them gone! They came home for about 10 days for girls camp and then headed back to Utah for a few more weeks. I can't wait until they come home! This has definitely been one of the hardest things I've had to go through is having the girls gone for so long. In the short time the girls were home, we celebrated Taryn's 15th birthday... wow! I can't believe my girl is almost grown up! She also had a very bad bike wreck on our gravel road after church one Sunday and we spent a few hours in the ER after that getting all the road rash taken care of. She didn't want pictures taken (imagine that) but she took a pretty good beating. I was proud of how tough she was and she even headed off to girls camp in a lot of pain. They took good care of her up there and she is healing up nicely. Everyone keeps telling her that scars make great conversation starters so I guess that's a positive spin on that one (??)

Lastly, since the girls were gone, I decided to hit the rodeo trail with Miles to Cheyenne Frontier Days. I don't usually travel with him much because of work, church, life, etc.. but I felt like it was important for me to go on this trip. We were gone for 4 days camping and living out of the horse trailer, and experiencing all of the stuff that goes along with Frontier Days. I had a good time hanging out and being there for Miles. I was exhausted when we came home, but glad I went.

Hopefully we'll have more good things to post when the girls get home in a few weeks!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Fun

The Gillette 1st Ward gang

Tris is the one on the left, she makes me laugh

with buddy Korlynn

We're still here, I've just been to busy or lazy to blog... just wanted to post a few pics of what we've been up to. We've been skiing several times this winter, we've been going to Meadowlark up in the Big Horn Mountains. It's this small but awesome little resort, so laid back and fun and it's been a great place for the girls to really improve their skiing this winter. Taryn has become a very good, she likes to go places that I'm too chicken to go to anymore. I'm soooo happy to have such good skiing buddies! The only downside to skiing is that it's a 2 hour drive to get to a ski resort and we're going broke going so much but I don't care, we have a blast. Next weekend will probably be our last for the year so we're hoping for a great spring day!

Taryn went to the Regency Ball last month, it's a church dance for our whole stake (which covers around 150 miles I might add)... the kids learn a bunch of dances and then they have this big fun dance at the college here. All of non-member kids were calling it the "Mormon Prom". It turned out to be an awesome evening, 4 hours of dancing, fun, and food. This is not normally Taryn's type of thing she likes to do but Grandma made her a new dress and she liked that and getting to be all dressed up and she had a lot of fun with her friends. She said she can't wait until next year.

Other than that, we are all busy around here, between school and church it seems like we never quit running. The weather is starting to get nicer and Taryn and Miles have been able to ride their horses a little the last few weeks so that's nice. Can't wait until winter is GONE!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Ho Ho Holidays....

Tristen is only smiling because I made her, she

really wanted to cry!

Tris, Grandma, & Taryn

How lucky is this?? Someone's a Jazz fan....

Jaclyn, Jaydon, & Tris

Jaydon & Tristen

Taryn's new haircut

Here are a few snapshots of our Christmas this year... the girls got new skis for Christmas this year so we decided we should try them out on the good Utah snow! So we travelled to Grandmas house the week before Christmas to celebrate with our family there and do a little skiing. We enjoyed spending time with my family but the ski trip was a little sketchy.... It snowed the entire time we were down there and the day we went skiing was no different, I couldn't believe how much snow there was. We went to Sundance in Provo Canyon and there was 4 feet of fresh snow and it was still snowing, great for an "expert" (haha) skier like myself but a little tricky for the girls. Poor Tris took about an hour to get down our first run, we're blaming it on the new skis and all of the fresh powder. She was miserable and soaking wet and spent the rest of the day in the lodge sipping hot chocolate and hanging out, I don't think she minded it. Taryn went on quite a few runs by herself and just kept getting up after each fall... again, we're blaming it on the powder! Tris has decided that she doesn't like Utah skiing, it's no good, she prefers the outstanding skiing we have here in Wyoming and South Dakota ???

Miles and I headed back to Utah on Wednesday before Christmas, we left SLC early to beat the bad weather and ended up getting stuck on I-80 in Echo Canyon for over 3 hours due to a bad truck wreck. It made for a reaallllyy long day... We had a quiet Christmas at home by ourselves and the girls came home Sunday night after Christmas. We spent New Years Eve stuck at home due to another bad snowstorm and below 0 temps. We cooked a delish Prime Rib dinner and had fun hanging out just the four of us. Now it's back to the grind tomorrow, work, school and seminary. Can't wait until 5 am tomorrow! NOT!