Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taryn & Tris

We're still here, the girls are plugging away at school, lots of homework, orchestra practice and a little bit of fun here and there. We've only skied 3 times this winter because the girls have had something going every weekend for months, it's been crazy! We're hoping to sneak in 1 more trip in a few weeks if the snow isn't all melted. We've been spoiled with wonderful spring weather the last few weeks and I think we're all loving it.

Taryn went to the Regency Ball again this weekend and had a great time with her friends, it's fun to watch her get dressed up and having fun.
And lastly, Tristen has decided she's becoming a chef and loves to incorporate a little dancing into her cooking... very entertaining. The last batch of cookies was inspired by Bruno Mars, very sweet! She's great at the cooking part.... now I just need to get her on board with the cleaning up step!

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  1. Fun, fun! I love both of their dresses! Taryn looks beautiful! And I need Tris to come cook for me! I would love to have her around!